25th Anniversary Edition

New York City Firefighters Calendar

Since 1995

The Original New York City Firefighters Calendar is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a special Gold Standard edition for 2020!  This is the genuine NYC original, accept no substitutes!

Our Cause

We are proud to support Staten Island University Hospital’s Jerome L. Finkelstein, MD, Regional Burn Center. Please help us continue to support the life saving efforts of these amazing doctors and nurses. Sales of the NYC Firefighters Calendar have raised more than $750,000 to assist burn centers in New York.

The Jerome L. Finkelstein, MD, Regional Burn Center at Staten Island University Hospital offers expert burn care for people of all ages. Established in 1998 by Dr. Jerome L. Finklestein, the Burn Center ICU offers 24-hour medical care to critically and acutely ill patients. Pediatric and adult burn patients are assessed throughout their hospital stay with attention given to both their physical and mental health. A multidisciplinary plan of care is established for each patient drawing on social workers, nursing staff, and psychiatrists. We also include therapeutic services as needed for rehabilitation, including occupational and respiratory therapy.

 According to the American Burn Association (ABA), there are 40,000 yearly hospitalizations related to burn injuries. Of those, 30,000 are taken to hospital burn centers. Over 60% of the acute hospitalizations related to burn injury were admitted to 127 burn centers across the U.S. Such centers now average over 200 annual admissions for burn injury and skin disorders requiring similar treatment.

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